Seminar 1 - 07/07/2022

The event will be held in hybrid mode (face-to-face and online). For the participation in presence FFP2 masks are recommended.
Recent activities related to the development of language resources and technologies for minority and under-represented languages
Pisa + Online
CNR, Area delle Ricerca di Pisa, Aula 27 (Edificio C, Piano Terra) + Microsoft Teams
Research in the area of language resources and technologies for "low-resourced" languages had a huge boost in recent years, becoming one of the leading sectors. In my presentation I will illustrate some aspects of this sector, from the field of interest (what and which are "low-resourced" languages?) to the main challenges and problems that currently concern them, to conclude with a rundown of some of the most important initiatives of the last decade.
Claudia Soria
Soria ClaudiaShe is among the authors of the META-NET White Paper "The Italian language in the digital age". His research interests revolve around the use of language technologies for the protection and enhancement of linguistic diversity and intangible cultural heritage. She was the coordinator of the Erasmus + project "The Digital Language Diversity Project" and is currently actively involved in various initiatives concerning the relationship between technology and minority languages, including the Special Interest Group on Under-Resourced Languages ​​(SIGUL).
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