Seminar 08/11/2018

Challenges in Natural Language Processing: Question Answering and Dialog System
ILC-CNR - Aula Seminari IBF SG 5
We aim to create a dialog system that behave more like humans. This research includes a wide range of themes such as spoken language processing, dialog strategy, sentence generation, utterance timing detection, psycholinguistics, speech recognition and speech synthesis. These areas have many challenging tasks unresolved. Our approach is human-like, not just the behaviour but also the model. While implementing element technologies, we try creating an integrated dialog system that can be tested in a real world tasks.
"Are You a Werewolf?" is a conversation based role playing game where players try to determine whether other players are humans or werewolfs. AI-wolf project aims to make an AI system that can play with humans. We participate this project as an NLP dialog system task. To achieve the goal of dialog system, we need natural language generation. We try to create advertisement copies and stories, in addition to the dialog system. There is still less research activity in the area of Japanese medical document processing. As a benchmark, we challenge to solve the Japanese National Doctor Examination. One of our goals is to provide a diagnosis support system that helps doctors and patients. Our projects include an automatic diagnosis for mental diseases, and automatic summarization of electronic health records. We also wish to expand our target language into English in future.
We organize and participate Legal Bar Exam competition (COLIEE) where original Japanese version and English version are provided. This research theme includes logic, inference and abstraction based on NLP, could be an "automatic lawyer" in future.
The Todai Robot project aims to create AI systems that can solve entrance examinations of Japanese universities. We have been participating this project in History subjects, achieved better score than the average of students in a mock exam test. This solver system could be used as a question answering system in other domains. The project's mock exam challenge terminated in 2016.
Yoshinobu Kano
Associate Professor, Faculty of Informatics, Shizuoka University, Japan