The Institute for Computational Linguistics “A. Zampolli” (ILC) is a centre of reference in the field of Computational Linguistics at both national and international levels. The Institute is part of the Department of Social Science and Humanities, Cultural Heritage (DSU) of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR) and carries out research activities in strategic scientific areas of the discipline, as well as publishing activities, training and education activities and technology transfer.

Competence Areas

The studies carried out within each area are highly interdisciplinary and involve different professional skills and expertise that extend across the disciplines of Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Computer Science and Bio-Engineering.

Research at ILC combines basic research - also including frontier research - and (goal-oriented) applied research, within a virtuous circle with a significant impact on society and, in particular, on the socio-economic and cultural context.

The variety of lines of activity and research projects makes ILC a unique reality in Italy and one of the few at the international level which includes: activities aimed at the definition of language resources, standards and distributed research infrastructures; definition of advanced methods and techniques for the research and "intelligent" management of information within natural language document bases available on the Web or on local Intranets; creation of computational models of language learning in ecological contexts of communicative interaction; innovative research in the field of Digital Humanities.

Activities are carried out within a consolidated network of national and international collaborations with research institutes, universities and public bodies, as well as with industries and small and medium-sized enterprises, in the framework of a large number of research projects.

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