ILC Spring Seminar 23/07/2015

Traduco: a collaborative web environment for the computer assisted translation of ancient texts
ILC-CNR - Aula Seminari IBF SG 5
Traduco is a collaborative web environment to support the translation of ancient texts designed and developed in the framework of the project "Traduzione del Talmud Babilonese".
The seminar will illustrate the main features that differentiate Traduco from other Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) environments.
The system has been designed to integrate the canonical translation technologies with a highly collaborative environment for the creation of annotations to texts of various kinds.
The translation of particularly complex texts, such as the Babylonian Talmud, can actually require the collaboration of specialists with different backgrounds, who have to share the same platform and interact with each other.
Traduco enables access to a variety of different user roles: i) specific parts of text are assigned to translators and revisers, who are assisted by translation memories and components for the ranking of suggestions for the translation; ii) linguists, philologists and historians can enter notes, comments, semantic and bibliographic annotations and revise the linguistic annotations carried out automatically by the system; iii) domain experts can collect the relevant terms in glossaries and, potentially, structure them in lexica and ontologies; iv) publishers can produce printed editions of translated texts by exporting translations, notes and glossaries in formats managed by the main publishing software; v) scholars and researchers can use translated texts by carrying out complex queries on a linguistic and semantic basis.
The continuous use from over forty users, including translators, revisers and editors of the Talmud project, has allowed to develop a particularly robust and reliable system.
Moreover, a "language independent" design assures the extensibility of Traduco to the translation of other texts and into other languages.
Which drives us towards a generalization of Traduco for other texts in other languages and other domains.
Andrea Bellandi