ILC @ GARR 2022

Monday, 23 May 2022
In Session 5 | Digital environments for research and training (19/05/2022 | 14:00-15:30), Federico Boschetti (CNR-ILC | CLARIN-IT | DiPText-KC) presented a contribution entitled The Collaborative and Cooperative Philology Lab (CoPhiLab, CNR-ILC): data, applications, services and infrastructures (slides), containing an overview of the resources and technologies provided by ILC CoPhiLab to the Repository of the CLARIN B-Centre "ILC4CLARIN" and of the knowledge and best practices shared by ILC CoPhiLab through the CLARIN K-Centre "DiPText-KC".
A contribution by Francesca Di Donato (CNR-ILC) and Lottie Provost (CNR-ILC) entitled From online education on Open Science to the design and production of Open Educational Resources: an example of FAIR-ification of digital educational resources (slides) was presented by the latter in Session 6 | Innovation and learning (19/05/2022 | 15:45-17:15). The contribution was focused on a use case designed within the H2020 project "TRIPLE" as an initial response to the need for the development of common practices for correctly managing training materials and ensuring their findability and re-usability.
The speech by Federico Boschetti is between 5:50:11 and 5:59:00. The speech by Lottie Provost is between 7:56:27 and 8:03:00.