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Monday, 9 October 2017

Language Technologies for the Digital School

Fiera Didacta ItaliaOn Thursday 28th September 2017 ILC organized the Workshop "Language Technologies for the Digital School" to illustrate how language technologies can help to face the new scientific and technological challenges related to teaching and learning. The results of experiments based on the use of language technologies and resources conducted in some Italian schools by ILC researchers in collaboration with other CNR Institutes, Universities and corporate groups, such as Mondadori Education and GruppoMeta, were presented at the workshop.

This event, included by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) in the multi-year plan for teacher training, had a broad participation. It was held in Florence in the framework of the first edition of Fair Didacta Italy, the Italian edition of Didacta - Die Bildungsmesse, a fair dedicated to education that has been held in Germany for over 50 years. The event, addressed to the stakeholders of the sectors of education and vocational training, has been an important opportunity for reflection and exchange of experiences for the growth of our educational system and has contributed to promote the debate among all the actors involved.

The scientific partner of Fair Didacta Italy is the National Institute for Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research (INDIRE).

The Programme of the Workshop "Language Technologies for the Digital School" can be found below.

Language technologies for the digital school: application scenarios, problems and possible solutions
Simonetta Montemagni (ILC-CNR)Montemagni @ Fiera Didacta Italia

How do writing skills evolve in the first two-year period of lower secondary school?
Giulia Venturi (ILC-CNR), Alessia Barbagli (Università La Sapienza), Patrizia Sposetti (Università La Sapienza)Venturi, Barbagli, Sposetti @ Fiera Didacta Italia

The study of classical languages and language technologies. Greek back to the West.
Federico Boschetti (ILC-CNR), Paola Tomè (Liceo Classico Marco Polo), Antonella Trevisiol (Liceo Classico Marco Polo)Boschetti, Tomè e Trevisiol @ Fiera Didacta Italia

Language technologies for new models of (Semantic) Liquid Book in the digital school
Paolo Ongaro (GruppoMeta) | Felice Dell’Orletta (ILC-CNR)Dell'Orletta @ Fiera Didacta Italia | Fabio Ferri (Mondadori Education)Ferri @ Fiera Didacta Italia

Monitoring reading skills: to read with Readlet
Claudia Cappa (IFC-CNR), Vito Pirrelli (ILC-CNR)Cappa e Pirrelli @ Fiera Didacta Italia