ILC @ #dantedISEM

Friday, 19 March 2021
ILC is pleased to announce that it will participate in #dantedISEM, an initiative organized by the Institute of History of Mediterranean Europe of the National Research Council of Italy (ISEM-CNR) on the occasion of the National Day dedicated to Dante Alighieri.
On Thursday 25th March 2021, in which 'Danteday' is celebrated, the video "CNR for Dante" will be presented, in which some colleagues illustrate how their research is interlaced with Dante or propose readings of Dante's passages that are significant or worthy of being rediscovered.
ILC video contribution, entitled "Dante and contemporary Italian", is by Elisa Guadagnini.
The video "CNR for Dante" will be available on ISEM-CNR YouTube Channel starting from 10:00.
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