Expired Announcements of Competition

Description Date of Publication Form of Contract Theme
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.005.2017.PI ART.23 05/12/2017 Fixed-term Contract - Article 23
Models and tools for computer-assisted translation and term-ontological resources processing.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.004.2017.PI ART.23 - AMENDMENT 29/08/2017 Fixed-term Contract - Article 23

Amendment to Art. 11 of the Announcement of Selection No. ILC.004.2017.PI ART.23.

ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.004.2017.PI ART.23 02/08/2017 Fixed-term Contract - Article 23

High computational efficiency deep neural networks and vectorial representation of the lexical context ("word embeddings") for the acquisition of terminological knowledge from texts and the simulation of domain-dependent conceptual self-organization processes.

ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.ASS.003.2017.GE 07/06/2017 Research Grant
Realization of textual analysis capabilities for texts and bodies for the enjoyment of cultural heritage even on mobile devices.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.002.2017.PI ART.23 31/03/2017 Fixed-term Contract - Article 23
Study of methods and tools for the protection and enhancement of the intangible cultural heritage, with a particular reference to the role of language technologies, language resources and NLP tools to support minority and endangered languages.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.ASS.001.2017.PI 08/03/2017 Research Grant
Definition of methodologies and Automatic Language Processing techniques for the study of language learning processes and to support the evaluation and self-evaluation in education.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.ASS.005.2016.PI 10/11/2016 Research Grant
Ontologies for the Humanities, in particular for the area of language resources: collection of practices and use cases for documentation tools and digital linguistic dataset catalogs for Digital Humanities; study of formal patterns used; analysis of models for the industry work flows; modeling domain ontologies, their expression in the Semantic Web languages and their integration into a common ontology for the contents of the Cultural Heritage.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.ASS.004.2016.PI 04/10/2016 Research Grant
Design, development and evaluation of methods and techniques for the automatic processing of language, with particular attention to the recovery and management of breaking news content from social media.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.ASS.003.2016.PI 03/10/2016 Research Grant
Definition of methodologies and automated language processing techniques for the identification, management and writing of breaking news in support of journalists, with special attention to analyzing the content for social media.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO ILC.ASS.002.2016.PI 12/07/2016 Research Grant
Communication and dissemination of results and activities in scientific and technological research, with a focus on Web-based communications; contribution to the preparation of project proposals in response to national and international calls; Support the preparation of technical reports in Italian and English.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.ASS.001.2016.PI 05/04/2016 Research Grant
Design and evaluation of components for automatic Ancient Hebrew treatment aimed at supporting the translation of the Babylonian Talmud in Italian.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.ASS.004.2015.PI 05/10/2015 Research Grant
Artificial neural networks efficient computational simulation of psycho-cognitive models of working memory and perception.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.ASS.003.2015.PI 21/09/2015 Research Grant
Definition of methodologies and techniques to be used in e-learning platform aimed at schools of different levels, with special attention i) extraction and formalization of knowledge from texts and ii) analysis of the readability of a text and in support of its possible linguistic simplification.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.002.2015.PI ART.23 31/03/2015 Fixed-term Contract - Article 23
Costruzione di risorse linguistiche; lo studio e realizzazione di infrastrutture di ricerca per l'accesso distribuito, la condivisione e l'utilizzo di risorse e tecnologie del linguaggio, in particolare per i settori delle scienze umane e sociali; lo sviluppo di metodi per l'annotazione ed estrazione di informazioni linguistica da testi, in particolare entità nominate, opinioni, pattern linguistici, terminologia di dominio.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.ASS.001.2015.GE 20/03/2015 Research Grant
Organization and structuring of data collected as part of the FEI project "AAA offresi" and creation of a database consisting of students from processed once the construction of a corpus of historical and artistic themes within the project "Educating City".
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.ASS.004.2014.PI 27/10/2014 Research Grant
Development of methodologies and advanced techniques for assessing the linguistic complexity of the texts in view of the definition of controlled languages ​​and methods for text simplification, with particular attention to the analysis of specialized languages​​.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.ASS.003.2014.PI 08/09/2014 Research Grant
Application of linguistic-computational models for the construction of a knowledge base Talmudic: learning from the record semantics of ontologies using techniques for extracting semantic relations from texts.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.ASS.002.2014.GE 16/05/2014 Research Grant
Old people's health and well-being: language analysis and intelligent decision support systems, with special regard to activities of software development and use for linguistic data analysis and structuring, intelligent decision support systems development, data collection and processing.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.ASS.001.2014.GE 18/03/2014 Research Grant
Organization, structuring of data and realization of software tools for the digital Archive of Emanuele Luzzati's artistic legacy: the Theatre.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.002.2013.PI ART. 15 30/09/2013 Fixed-term Contract - Article 15
Attività tecniche, di sviluppo di componenti software per sistemi Web, nell'ambito del progetto "Greek into Arabic" e del "Progetto Traduzione del Talmud Babilonese".
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. 126.048/ASS.010.2013 25/09/2013 Research Grant
Creation of computational tools and lexical resources for Italian oriented to the construction of a multilingual package for the analysis of opinionated texts; adaptation of such tools and resources to the tourism domain; definition of metadata and licenses for the publication of language resources in specialized repositories.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. 126.048/ASS.009.2013 03/09/2013 Research Grant
Definition and specialization of methods and techniques for readability assessment and for text simplification, with a specific view to their integration within the digital textbook publishing platform developed within the iSLe project.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. 126.048/ASS.008.2013 29/08/2013 Research Grant
Development of formal models and computational tools for the morpho-syntactic and semantic analysis of Greek, Latin and Arabic texts.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. 126.048/ASS.007.2013 09/07/2013 Research Grant
Design and evaluation of components for the automatic processing of Hebrew and Aramaic to support the translation of the Babylonian Talmud in Italian.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. 126.048/ASS.006.2013 28/05/2013 Research Grant
Development of computational tools fot the morphosyntactic and semantic analysis of Greek, Latin and Arabic texts.