Expired Announcements of Competition

Description Date of Publication Form of Contract Theme
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.ASS.005.2020.PI 03/06/2020 Research Grant
Design and development of Web interfaces for the creation, management and use of integrated linguistic datasets for languages of fragmentary attestation of ancient Italy.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.ASS.004.2020.PI 20/04/2020 Research Grant
Definition of Natural Language Processing methodologies for the multimodal representation of knowledge.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.ASS.003.2020.PI 15/04/2020 Research Grant
  • Semi-automatic construction of computational lexicons and corpora annotated for historical varieties of the Italian language according to representation standards internationally recognized.
  • Automatic extraction, structuring and representation of the knowledge contained in digital historical dictionaries according to standards internationally recognized.

Research Grants in the cultural field are funded with the resources of the POR FSE TUSCANY 2014-2020 and fall within the sphere of Giovanisì, the project of the Tuscany Region for the autonomy of young people.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.ASS.002.2020.PI 10/04/2020 Research Grant
Development and integration of software tools for the analysis and classification of the speech of children in early school age.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.ASS.004.2019.PI 19/12/2019 Research Grant
Psycholinguistic protocols and experimental paradigms for monitoring the development of reading skills and reading comprehension in the early school age.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.ASS.005.2019.PI 19/12/2019 Research Grant
Psycho-linguistic mechanisms and neuro-computational models of semantic priming in reading and reading comprehension in the early school age.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.ASS.006.2019.PI 19/12/2019 Research Grant
Creation of a model for safeguarding oral sources (audio and audio-video) and their promotion within the Italian node of the CLARIN infrastructure: expansion of the CLARIN-IT repository with archival metadata; study of the services for the calculation, archiving, transmission of data of a Cloud Infrastructure; development of a model for the management, access and use of oral data through the services available on the Cloud-GARR platform.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.ASS.001.2019.GE 11/07/2019 Research Grant
ICT tools for the processing of data from survey campaigns carried out through questionnaires addressed to the population exposed to noise in the areas of interest of the project.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.ASS.004.2018.PI 15/11/2018 Research Grant
Definition, adaptation and development of methods and techniques of Automatic Language Processing for the prototyping of software modules to support the assisted compilation of technical documentation, for the automatic extraction of information from the documentation and for the automatic analysis of technical-scientific texts
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.002.2018.PI ART.23 21/03/2018 Fixed-term Contract - Article 23

Development of advanced methodologies and techniques for the knowledge extraction and organization of constantly evolving digital document bases for the qualitative and quantitative monitoring of the information encoded in them, with a particular attention to the adaptation of analysis strategies to specialized domains such as school and cultural heritage.