Expired Announcements of Competition

Description Date of Publication Form of Contract Theme
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.ASS.003.2022.PI 02/05/2022 Research Grant
Enrichment, testing and strengthening of the platform for the enhancement and protection of the oral archival heritage developed within CLARIN-IT: evaluation and extension of the coverage and features offered; promotion within CLARIN and in various disciplinary fields through activities and tools aimed at promoting dissemination and training in the oral archives sector.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.ASS.002.2022.PI 04/04/2022 Research Grant
Design, development and validation of resources and text and user profiling systems and recommendation systems based on Natural Language Processing algorithms.
Research Grants in the context of advanced training projects are financed with the resources of the Fund for Development and Cohesion (FDC) and fall within the sphere of Giovanisì, the project of the Tuscany Region for the autonomy of young people.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.ASS.001.2022.PI 13/01/2022 Research Grant
Definition of methods and development of algorithms for the interpretation of language models based on neural networks.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.ASS.010.2021.PI 03/11/2021 Research Grant
Acquisition of documentation (scientific publications and research projects) from aggregators for the SSH sector, semantic enrichment and integration of the data acquired: collaboration in the extraction of terms and the elaboration of an automatic classification and summarization system through Artificial Intelligence approaches.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.ASS.009.2021.PI 02/09/2021 Research Grant
Development of a Web platform for querying interconnected linguistic materials for ancient languages, with particular attention to languages of fragmentary attestation.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.ASS.008.2021.PI 21/04/2021 Research Grant
Definition of methodologies of Natural Language Processing for the extraction and representation of linguistic and multimodal information from documents of medical-health interest.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.ASS.007.2021.PI 14/04/2021 Research Grant
Development of tools for linguistic analysis and extraction of linguistic and domain knowledge from technical documentation based on Natural Language Processing methods.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.ASS.006.2021.PI 07/04/2021 Research Grant
Acquisition of scientific documentation from aggregators for the SSH sector, automatic processing and integration of the data acquired: extraction of terms, procedures of automatic classification and summarization through Artificial Intelligence approaches.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.ASS.004.2021.PI 31/03/2021 Research Grant
Retrieval and selection of technical documentation relating to standards and interoperability; acquisition of multilingual terms and their integration into existing terminological/lexical/ontological resources, to support the enhancement of the availability and access to contents in the disciplines of Human and Social Sciences.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION NO. ILC.ASS.005.2021.PI 31/03/2021 Research Grant
Principles, policies and promotional activities in favour of Open Science and the European Open Science Cloud: support for activities for the training of young scholars and the dissemination of principles in the SSH field; preparatory studies and drafting of research reports.