Ended Projects

Acronym Title Type of Projectsort descending
CLARIN Common Language Resources Infrastructure European
NITE Natural Interactivity Tools Engineering European
PANACEA Platform for Automatic, Normalized Annotation and Cost-Effective Acquisition of Language Resources for Human Language Technologies European
POESIA Public Open-source Environment for a Safer Internet Access European
KYOTO Knowledge Yielding Ontologies for Transition-based Organization European
T4ME NET Technologies for the Multilingual European Information Society European
FLARENET Fostering Language Resources Network European
TELRI-II Trans-European Language Resources Infrastructure - II European
VIKEF Virtual Information and Knowledge Environment Framework European
NETWORDS The European Network on Word Structure European
ISLE (FP5) International Standards for Language Engineering European
GREEK INTO ARABIC Greek into Arabic: Philosophical Concepts and Linguistic Bridges European
ELSNET-4 European Network of Excellence in Human Language Technologies European
OPENER Open Polarity Enhanced Named Entity Recognition European
EAGLES (Phase I) Expert Advisory Group on Language Engineering Standards European
SAVAS Sharing AudioVisual language resources for Automatic Subtitling European
ELSNET (Phase II) European Network in Language and Speech European
ACO*HUM Advanced Computing in the Humanities European
ELSNET (Phase III) ELSNET Goes East European
AS AN ANGEL A Virtual Assistant for Cellular Phones Users and Internetauts European
BOOTSTREP Bootstrapping of Ontologies and Terminologies Strategic Research Project European
CHLT Cultural Heritage Language Technologies European
EAGLES (Phase II) Expert Advisory Group on Language Engineering Standards European
ELSNET (Phase I) Pilot Network of Excellence in Speech and Natural Language European
INTERSTRESS Interreality in the Management and Treatment of Stress-Related Disorders European


This section is under construction. Information concerning ILC ended projects, not yet present in the table, are still available in the website under migration.