Ended Projects

Acronym Title Type of Project
ADA Automatic Data and documents Analysis to enhance human-based processes Regional
DiTMAO Dictionary of Old Occitan medico-botanical terminology European
UBIMOL UBIquitous Massive Open Learning Regional
NINFA iNtelligent Integrated Network For Aged people National
SmartNews Social sensing for breaking news Regional
DLDP The Digital Language Diversity Project European
VGG Voci della Grande Guerra National
CLAVIUS Clavius on the Web National
TALMUD Traduzione del Talmud Babilonese National
SM@RTINFRA-SSHCH SM@RTINFRA-SSHCH - Infrastrutture integrate intelligenti per l'ecosistema dei dati delle scienze sociali, umane e del patrimonio culturale National


This section is under construction. Information concerning ILC ended projects, not yet present in the table, are still available in the website under migration.