Digital Culture Seminar in Pisa - 2021/2022 - Call for Proposals

Thursday, 24 June 2021
The Digital Culture Seminar is a seminar course, coordinated by Enrica Salvatori and Maria Simi of the Laboratory of Digital Culture of the University of Pisa, mandatory for all the students of the Master Degree in Digital Humanities of the University of Pisa.
It consists of 18-20 seminars, lasting 2 hours each, on relevant topics to Digital Humanities, held by external scholars, professors from the University of Pisa and representatives of research institutions or companies operating in the sector.
It is intended to provide an opportunity for an in-depth study of the discipline and an orientation to the world of work and research in the Digital Humanities.
The course takes place throughout the academic year with a weekly meeting, typically on Wednesdays at 14:00.
In order to organize the course for the next academic year (September 2021 - May 2022), scholars and professionals of the Digital Humanities are invited to propose topics and interventions using this form by Tuesday 31st August 2021.
The proposals will be evaluated by the course owners and the selected speakers will be notified personally.
Recommended topics:
  • Digital Culture;
  • Digital Libraries and Archives;
  • Electronic Publishing;
  • Digital Art, Graphics, Design;
  • 3D Modeling, Virtual Environments;
  • Web Design and Programming;
  • Digital (Public) History;
  • Computational Linguistics;
  • e-Learning;
  • Web Marketing, e-Commerce;
  • Distant Reading;
  • Geographical Information Systems;
  • Big Data;
  • Intangible Cultural Heritage.
Paper Submission Deadline: