Dario Del Fante

Research Fellow
LaRI Group
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2022 - Journal articles
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Del Fante D. (2022) “Review: A Corpus-Based Analysis of Ideological Bias: Migration in the British Press”, Discourse studies (Print), ISSN 1461-4456, published by SAGE (London, Regno Unito), vol. 24, pp. 137-139.
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Del Fante D. (2022) “Metaphors and pandemics: Spanish Flu and Coronavirus in US newspapers. A case-study”, Metaphorik. de (Internet), ISSN 1618-2006, published by Metaphorik. de c/o D. Osthus c/o Universität Bonn, Romanisches Seminar (Bonn, Germania), vol. 32, pp. 143-184.
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Del Fante D. and Di Nunzio G. M. (2022) “OCR Correction for Corpus-assisted Discourse Studies: A Case Study of Old Newspapers”, Umanistica Digitale, ISSN 2532-8816, vol. 11, pp. 99-124.
2022 - Conference papers
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Del Fante D., Frontini F., Monachini M., and Quochi V. (2022) “CLARIN-IT: An Overview on the Italian Clarin Consortium After Six Years of Activity”, Proceedings of the 18th Italian Research Conference on Digital Libraries, ISSN 1613-0073, Italian Research Conference on Digital Libraries, Università degli Studi di Padova, 24/02/2022, Di Nunzio G. M., Portelli B., Redavid D., and Silvello G. (eds.), published by CEUR-WS. org (Aachen, DEU), 8 pages.
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Del Fante D., Frontini F., Monachini M., and Quochi V. (2022) “Italian Language Resources. From CLARIN-IT to the VLO and Back: Sketching a Methodology for Monitoring LRs Visibility”, Linköping electronic conference proceedings (Online), ISSN 1650-3740, ISBN 978-91-7929-444-1, Clarin Annual Conference, 27-29/09/2021, published by Linköping University Electronic Press (Linköping, Svezia), vol. 189.
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