Antonio Zampolli - The Founder of ILC

Antonio Zampolli is one of the pioneers of Computational Linguistics at international and national level.

Antonio Zampolli

After graduating in Mathematical Linguistics, in 1960 he starts working with Father R. Busa S. J. at the Centro per l’Automazione dell’Analisi Linguistica (CAAL) of Gallarate (Milan), as the coordinator of the operations of electronic examination of the collected works by S. Tommaso d'Aquino.

In 1968 he becomes the Director of the Linguistics Division of the Centro Nazionale Universitario di Calcolo Elettronic (CNUCE) in Pisa and in 1969 he starts teaching Computational Linguistics (previously called Mathematical Linguistics) at Pisa University.

In 1980 Zampolli founds the first (and for a long time the only) Italian scientific institute entirely dedicated to research in the field of Computational Linguistics: the Institute for Computational Linguistics (ILC) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR), which he directs until his death (on August 22, 2003) and that now bears his name.

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