Date of Publication Title Deadline
27/09/2022 BRIGHT-NIGHT 2022 at CNR in Pisa
16/09/2022 Paleography and Codicology
09/08/2022 Call for Tasks for EVALITA 2023
21/07/2022 Starting the Second Cycle of the Permanent Seminar Cycle 'A bridge between two worlds' after the Summer Break
14/07/2022 TRIPLE ThatCamp on Sustainability in Open Science
12/07/2022 Published the Volume 'Selected Papers from the CLARIN Annual Conference 2021'
11/07/2022 DipText-KC @ Digital Spritz 2022
09/07/2022 Venice Summer School in Digital and Public Humanities
22/06/2022 Starting the 2022 edition of ILC Seminars
14/06/2022 Methods and tools for Computational Stylometry
14/06/2022 Published LREC 2022 Proceedings
09/06/2022 TRIPLE ThatCamp on Scientific Crowdfunding in the Social Sciences and Humanities
08/06/2022 ParlaCLARIN III @ LREC 2022
31/05/2022 Insights on Semantic Web
27/05/2022 Ontologies for DHs: the case of OntoBelliniLetters
26/05/2022 Lectures on Computational Linguistics 2022
23/05/2022 ILC @ GARR 2022
19/05/2022 Digital Critical Editions
29/04/2022 TRIPLE Training Event on the GoTriple Pundit Annotation Tool
29/04/2022 Introduction to the Creation and Use of Ontologies for Computational Linguistics and DHs
22/04/2022 Registration for LREC 2022 Now Open
15/04/2022 Genetic Philology and Digital Ecosystem
06/04/2022 TRIPLE Training Event on Multilingual Vocabularies for the Social Sciences and Humanities
17/03/2022 Ecdotics and DH
28/02/2022 TRIPLE Training Event on the GoTriple Trust Building System