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Preliminary Recommendations

Guide to the tables

The following tables are largely taken from the NERC report (Calzolari et al., 1995) in which several corpus projects were reviewed with the aim of investigating which corpus design is the most feasible. They have been updated and other corpus projects which were not in the NERC report have been added e.g. British National Corpus, Survey of English. The tables are designed to show the common features of different classification systems in European corpora. The categories are those in the NERC report in which terminologies of different corpus projects were interpreted in order to find common features in the corpora. The categories in the tables are those categories which had common ground in many or most of the corpora listed. The tables were designed with generally applied rather than corpus-specific categories. These appendices have been compiled by J. Ball.

As in the NERC report, `+' is taken to mean ``Explicitly included as a text type'', `-' means ``explicitly rejected as a text type'' and `A' refers to the features `administrative data' (rather than text type). Cases of doubt are marked with `?'.