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Semantic annotation

Semantic phrase subcategorisation

Phrases may be subcategorised according to semantic features; for example, a Noun Phrase may be marked as definite, or indefinite, or as locative or temporal. This type of attribute corresponds directly to syntactic subcategorisation. If the corpus is previously morphosyntactically annotated, this information is often included at the level of POS tagging.

Other semantic subcategorisation of phrases may occur when a phrase (or clause) has been identified as an adverbial . Adverbials may be marked according to their semantic function, e.g. time, manner, place, purpose, reason, condition, comparison, modality, etc.

Semantic clause subcategorisation

Similarly, clauses that are identified as adverbials may be subcategorised semantically, as adverbial clauses of time, of condition, of reason, etc. Other subcategorisation of clauses is mainly functional.