ISLE has made substantial progress in its three spheres of interest.

In multilingual lexicons, the initial survey phase has been followed by a phase of working intensively towards specification of the Multilingual Isle Lexical Entry (MILE). This has involved focussing on a complex word-pair, to gain insights into possibilities for word sense representation and cross-language linkages, on extracting and classifying sense indicators, and on developing a prototype tool to manage MILE-based lexicons.

In evaluation of HLT systems, user feedback obtained through 3 international workshops has led to a second, refined version of the ISLE evaluation framework for Machine Translation (

In natural interaction and multimodality (NIMM), major surveys have been completed of resources, annotation schemes and tools, and metadata descriptions and tools. A prototype tool has been developed to annotate NIMM data. XML schemas have been developed to handle ISLE metadata descriptions, and tools to allow editing and browsing of these descriptions, including across distributed resources. As a whole, the project has been active in dissemination and awareness activities on an international scale.