Status label definitions

Documents (or their individual parts, where relevant, but excluding the syntheses, introductions and conclusions) are classified according to the following labels:
R: recommendations
applies to those parts where work has reached a stage allowing the formulation of recommendations concerning common specifications, definitions, terminology, etc.
Usually these recommendations have already been widely publicised in the community, have been tested, applied, evaluated and accordingly revised.
P: preliminary recommendations
applies to those parts where preliminary recommendations - sometimes rather general - could be formulated, but these are being made available outside EAGLES only now and therefore did not have the chance of being commented on, evaluated, tested, etc. We expect to have major feedback to these from now onwards, with the probable consequence of revisions to them.
F: formal specifications and explicit guidelines
applies to those parts which provide formal, explicit guidelines and specifications for implementing the above recommendations. This typically involves taking broad recommendations and formalising them to the point of demonstrating how to instantiate them for specific languages.
V: validation document
applies to documents produced in testing EAGLES recommendations within EAGLES internal validation tasks, especially in relation to application-specific areas.
B: background document
applies to those parts which are at an earlier stage of development and where only survey or other preparatory work has been done, or where, in certain cases, individual views have been put forward as a trigger to consensus building.
D: data produced according to EAGLES recommendations
applies to linguistic data which have been produced, analysed or encoded according to EAGLES recommendations, outside EAGLES itself, by affiliated projects or other bodies collaborating with EAGLES.
L: links to related project documents
applies i) to links to Web or ftp sites of related projects, having contributed to EAGLES either with input or in the testing, application, validation phases, and ii) to particular documents of such projects of particular relevance to EAGLES.